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Friday 8/29/24
A MURDER OF CROWS 2024 @ Brooklyn Made, Brooklyn, NY

I've been a DJ for 26 years. Here's how that happened: I'd been singing in metal bands throughout the late 80's and early 90's. After about 8 years of it I got kind of discouraged with the business and took a break from bands. I tried to branch out a little musically, and started hanging out at nightclub dance parties, which was what most of my friends were into at the time. After 8 years doing live shows, I was fairly familiar with nightclubs, so I started doing doorman/bouncer type stuff. I began to get really tuned in and turned on to the mid-90's Techno/EBM scene, & Darkwave dance music and the Gothic/Industrial counterculture that came with it. New Year's Weekend, 1997, I was at a Sci-Fi/Fantasy convention called EveCon, and a friend was booked to DJ the Ballroom Dance Saturday night. Trouble was there was a show downtown he didn't want to miss. So he asked me to cover for him. I knew my way around a mixing board, and I'd been wanting to try the DJ thing. Plus, I just got dumped and I figured it would cheer me up. So I gave it a whirl. Turns out, I didn't do too badly, in fact it was a rush and it was as big a rush as any gig I did as a singer. People said nice things, the promoters asked me back, and I never looked back.

Since then I've spun over 100 venues in 20 states & The United Kingdom, including a 9 city US Tour in 2002. If you can name a nightclub in the US Northeast, I have probably spun a gig there at some point in the last decade and a half. I've had long residencies at a lot of infamous DC parties like Catacomb, Alchemy, BOUND, Resurrection at The Roxy, and Spellbound. I have held residencies in Washington DC, Charlotte, North Carolina, Baltimore, Maryland, and toured the Mid-Atlantic and the midwest.

Musically, I'm a rabid Dance Music enthusiast and my tastes run the gamut, but as a DJ I cut my teeth on Darkwave nightclub sets of Goth, Industrial, EBM/Techno, and Alternative/New Wave 80's. I've adored the idea of Yacht Rock ever since that became a thing so I like to spin it as often as I can. My ideal sets are when I try a bit of everything to make people move: Breaks, Electro, Techno, House, and all the variations thereof.

I use a laptop to DJ. No disrespect to vinyl DJs (I will never lose my crate), but I started with CDs and progressed. Being a child of the 80's, I went through my teenage years building a big pile of cassette tapes and wishing I could afford a bigger pile of CDs. Presently my collection stands at nearly 3000 CDs, and counting, and it's still not big enough.

From here you can link to the podcast & live mix archives on my Mixcloud & Soundcloud pages, as well as Twitch, where I DJ streams 3 times a week. I've stuck mainly to nightclub parties for the past two decades because I like a good dancefloor, and I've done every type of mobile gig you can name, but since the pandemic I've been streaming online most of the time. This is a passion first and a business second, but I pride myself on being a professional, and I'm always open to any kind of DJ gig. If you think I'm right for your party, please email me and ask.

I don't fileshare and I don't battle. Don't bother asking about these things. All other inquiries are welcome and encouraged.



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